Pastor Jeremy Faughn

Pastor Jeremy Faughn

In July of 2010, Pastor Jeremy Faughn and his wife Stephanie became just the 3rd Lead Pastor in our history.

“Pastor, tell us a little about your life prior to coming to Charlotte.”
We’ve been involved in ministry since 1997.  We’ve served as Youth Pastors in IL & Staff Pastors in Venice FL. Before Ministry, I graduated from Murray State University with a Business Degree and worked in the “real world” as a Human Resources Director for 15 years.

“In your free time,”
I play a little golf…regular, mini & disc
I love spending Friday afternoons with my amazing wife
Playing basketball with my boys & board games with my girls

“Favorite TV shows,”
The Voice, The Mentalist…seems like everything else I like gets cancelled… don’t you hate that?

“Favorite thing about Northlake,”
It’s the kind of church I think a lot people are searching for.  They know how to worship and the music is awesome!  The people are authentic and have a genuine desire to accept everyone even if they’re different.  We hold to our beliefs, but don’t force them upon others.  We understand people can belong and be a part of this church family before they believe as we do.  It’s a great church for so many reasons, which I believe is why it’s more than doubled in attendance since we arrived in 2010.

“About your family,”
Stephanie & I got married in 1994, she’s very involved in our church.  She sings in the choir, is a part of our prayer team and Women’s Ministry Leadership Team.  We have four great kids who love God.  Nathan loves sports while Erin and Lacy pretty much talk & giggle nonstop until they crash at night.

First Lady
Stephanie Faughn